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Dr.Ariana Warren

Dr. Ariana Warren, woodwinds, earned a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Contemporary Music Performance from the University of California, San Diego and Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from the Peabody Conservatory. Dr. Warren has played around the world, and currently performs with Joe Garrison and the Night People, San Diego City Ballet Orchestra, A Hundred Ghosts, and the Chamber Cartel.

Dr.Chris Warren

Dr.Warren is a sound artist, signal processing researcher, and musical instrument inventor.  He is a resident artist at Space4Art in San Diego and performs with the group A Hundred Ghosts.  Dr. Warren teaches music composition at San Diego State University and the University of San Diego.  

Erdis Maxhelaku

Erdis Maxhelaku started playing the cello at the age of seven in his home country of Albania. He continued his music education in Albania to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Cello Performance at the University of Fine Arts in Tirana. Erdis's passion for music has taken him not only to different countries but also on a musical journey embracing many types of genres, such as Metal, Rock, Pop, Indie, flamenco, and more. He is a sought out recording artists in San Diego, writes and performs his own music, and teaches private lessons. His performing expertise extend beyond the cello to include electric bass, acoustic and electric guitar, and drums. Erdis collaborates with many local musicians, utilizing his multifaceted performing, improvising, writing, and recording skills.



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